Oct 14

The House of Three: A Short Story

Out now from Ganglion Press, The House of Three: A Short Story by Lily Childs.

Already receiving 5* reviews, this terrifying contemporary ghost story is even more disturbing when you discover that the ‘house’ in question is based on the author’s own Victorian residence.

Book Description:

An ordinary Victorian house in an ordinary English town. A house that smells of roses. A house that stinks of death.

32 Cherry Street is rotten to the core after years of neglect. When its owner dies in a freak accident, successful entrepreneur Sarah Bayliss wastes no time in coming up with the cash to buy the small terraced property – her former childhood home.

Reunited with her estranged younger brother Johnny, Sarah summons the courage to unveil the secrets the house has kept hidden for so long, but nothing can prepare the siblings for the horrors they are about to uncover. Or whom they’re going to meet.

Reviews – excerpts:

Perfect late night reading for lovers of a good ghost story!” M R Cosby. Amazon.com.au

This is a very well written short story, which manages to both chill and move, something all too rare inn the field of horror. Can’t wait until the next story from this author.” P. M. Feeney. Amazon.co.uk and GingerNutsofHorror

The House of Three” is a chilling tale best read at the midnight hour. The story is gripping and compelling. Lily Childs takes us dark, deep and even a tad Poe-ish. I couldn’t put my kindle down until I finished. Next time I smell damask roses, I’ll be looking over my shoulder. A must read for horror lovers.” Mav Skye. Amazon.com

A haunting tale with a unexpected morbid twist at the end, beautiful crafted by the masterful talent of Lily Childs. Loved it very much.” Magenta Nero. Amazon.com

Buy the eBook from Amazon.co.uk | Buy from Amazon.com

Also available in print paperback from Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.com

Cover of The House of Three: A Short Story by Lily Childs


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Jan 25

Coming soon – February Femmes Fatales

Coming soon from Ganglion Press and edited by Lily Childs – a collection of dark and wicked words from twenty-three women, the FEBRUARY FEMMES FATALES.

From short, sharp micro-fiction to full-length stories; from poetry to a novel tease, ‘February Femmes Fatales the book’ dishes out fear by the bucketload.

Noir, horror, crime, myths. Travel in time. Be reborn. Take revenge.

Meet demons. Dally with ghosts. Fight gun totin’ kick-ass gals with gumption… and dig deeper where you’ll encounter war crimes, murder and foul-play.

Not to mention a deadly dose of darkest humour.

Follow the February Femmes Fatales facebook page for updates, events, interviews, podcasts, reviews, author info and launch details. There’s lots more to come!


February Femmes Fatales ran as a showcase of women’s dark fiction and poetry on Lily Childs’s blog, The Feardom during the Februaries of 2011 and 2012. Lily always intended to put the Femmes Fatales’ incredible writing into print and this became a possibility in the summer of 2013, at which time she invited the writers to send her some new, bonus material for ‘the book’ – and also welcomed three new voices to join the show.

The twenty-three women that have contributed to this book are amazing. They have offered up a smokin’ selection of dark fiction and poetry which will make your skin crawl, have you wiping away tears or laughing out loud. May they terrify and unnerve you.

Sweet dreams.


February Femmes Fatales

February Femmes Fatales book cover

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Feb 08

Courting Demons – Now Available in Paperback!

Courting Demons - a Collection of Dark Verse

Courting Demons

Today I approved the print, proof copy of COURTING DEMONS – A COLLECTION OF DARK VERSE.

Published by Ganglion Press at the request of those of you that don’t own a Kindle, or have asked for a ‘real’ book, if I might be so kind, I spent a fair amount of time getting the book correctly formatted for print, and redesigning the cover before finally giving the go-ahead for distribution.

I held the proof copies in my hands for ages, and still haven’t stopped stroking the cover with its beautiful demonic artwork by Loz Ranger.

And now, such is the magic of CreateSpace that the book is already available to buy from:

  • Amazon.co.uk - at £3.99, with free delivery (Super Saver)
  • Amazon.com - at $4.99, FREE Super Saver Shipping (on orders over $25)

and will be coming soon to Amazon’s other European platforms. Your comments and reviews would be very welcome but most of all I hope you enjoy these dark poems.

Listen to the Poems?

I’m considering reading and recording some of the poems for you to download, should you wish?

Thank you!

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Feb 28

Ganglion Press

A new, small press platform for eBooks written and edited by Lily Childs and Col Bury. Includes:



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