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Ganglion Press

A new, small press platform for print and digital eBooks written and edited by a small group of authors. Includes:

By Lily Childs

Cabaret of Dread by Lily Childs

Cabaret of Dread, Vol.1 - by Lily Childs

By Col Bury

  • Manchester 6. Six gritty crime stories from the streets of Manchester. Available in ebook format.


February Femmes Fatales

February Femmes Fatales

  • February Femmes Fatales – a collection of short, sharp and dark… very, very dark fiction and poetry by 23 women writers. Out now in paperback and ebook.
  • Coming soon – more dark fiction, horror, crime, noir and mystery eBooks by other authors

Non-Fiction – From 2014

  • Guidance pamplets on a diverse range of subjects including: genealogy, web accessibility, meditation techniques, business analysis and more.

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Ganglion Press

A new, small press platform for eBooks written and edited by Lily Childs and Col Bury. Includes: dark, urban fantasy series Magenta Shaman: Magenta Shaman and Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow by Lily Childs horror collection Cabaret of Dread, Volume 1 by Lily Childs poetry Courting Demons: a Collection of Dark Verse by Lily Childs gritty crime stories: Manchester 6 …

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